Automatic transmissions powering defence vehicles at Defexpo 2018

Show: Defexpo India 2018 - Day 2

It takes more than just quality and professionalism to be a trusted brand for the nation’s defence forces, and Allison Transmission knows that. A global leader in transmission design and manufacturing for defence vehicles, the company will showcase wheeled and tracked transmissions at their booth in Hall No.5 at the ongoing Defexpo 2018.


Design, development and production of Allison cross drive transmissions for tracked vehicles began in the 1940s. Since then, for over 60 years, Allisonequipped defence vehicles, both tracked and wheeled have delivered faster acceleration, superior traction and greater maneuverability as compared to its counterparts. This success was followed by the introduction of Allison’s commercial duty fully automatic transmission in wheeled vehicles for defence applications.

In fact, their patented torque converter nearly doubles engine torque at vehicle launch ensuring a superior quick start. And, without a traditional dry clutch, vehicles equipped with this transmission do not experience clutchrelated failures and the associated vehicles downtime, saving time and money.

Allison transmissions feature advanced fifth-generation electronic controls, which automatically monitor vehicle systems and adapt shift schedules to deliver efficient operation over challenging terrain. An optional integral retarder to complement and enhance vehicle braking systems and a Power Take-Off (PTO) provision are also available on most models.


Allison already has a manufacturing facility in Chennai producing transmissions for wheeled vehicles since 2010. As the Asia manufacturing facility, Allison Chennai plant will continue to play an important role as part of Allison global footprint. The Chennai plant currently produces Allison 1000/2000 series transmission for its global customers.