Focus on indigenous product development

SP’s ShowNews in conversation with Colonel H.S. Shankar (Retd), Chairman & Managing Director, Alpha Design Technologies Pvt Ltd

Show: Defexpo India 2018 - Day 2

SP's ShowNews (SP's): With the defence manufacturing industry witnessing a huge growth, what prospects does Alpha Design see in the market? Also, could you talk about your order book position?

Col H.S. Shankar (Shankar): We expect our own sales turnover both for national and international markets (Exports) to go up twice to thrice in next two years and stabilise around 1,000 crore in next three years. We have a healthy order book for next five years for 1,500.00 crore with 50 per cent from exports.

SP's: Recently you have announced the plans to sell shares of the company to public as part of widening the business. Could you elaborate more on the expansion activities?

Shankar: We have not made any formal announcement yet, but we are working towards IPO by end this year.

SP's: The government is pushing for indigenisation in defence and call for strategic partnerships with private players. How does Alpha Design take advantage of this?

Shankar: We already have a strong R&D with more than 475 young engineers (all in the age group of 21 to 28 years) and technicians working on advance technology products/projects such as software define radio, missile RF seekers, IFF, microwave electronic warfare sub-units, optronics products, etc. We already have strong relationship on R&D and proto development with DRDO/PSUs/private sector units as also from aboard. This will add in newer indigenous products development and securing orders/contracts both in India and aboard.

SP's: How do you look at Defexpo 2018 as a platform to showcase the Alpha Design’s capabilities? What are the highlights of your Company at this year’s Expo?

Shankar: We are very enthusiastic in show casing our products at Defexpo. We have, probably, biggest pavilion (Hall ‘1’ Stand No. 1.1.7 and 1.2.8), about 990 sqm size. We are show casing solutions for tank/ICV upgradations in thermal imager fire control systems for T-T2/BMP-2, electronic warfare and new cockpit suite for Mi-17 helicopters, software defined radios, etc., in addition to a separate enclosure for space projects.