Rockwell Collins brings ‘Make in India’ capabilities to Defexpo India

Show: Defexpo India - Day 1 By SP’s correspondent

At this year’s Defexpo, Rockwell Collins is demonstrating its strong value proposition for customers in India with commercially-based, customisable, technologically-advanced products and systems. “We are fully aligned with the government’s ‘Make in India’ policy by developing capability locally while simultaneously aligning with local strategic partners,” said Sunil Raina, Managing Director, India for Rockwell Collins. “We look forward to showcasing the wide array of Rockwell Collins technologies at this year’s show.”

Attendees are invited to visit the Rockwell Collins exhibit in Hall 3, Stand 3.2.2-A to learn more about the company’s advanced defence solutions, which include:

  • Pro Line Fusion® — Integrated flight deck leveraging advanced commercial technology for military platforms
  • Wideband HF communications — Transmit highbandwidth data across any terrain and long distances
  • Multi-mode Transceiver — Versatile multi-channel Software Defined Radio offering frequency coverage from 70 MHz to 6 GHz
  • CNPC-1000 — Reliable, safe and secure unmanned aircraft system command and control data link for UAS operations in civil airspace
  • Patrol Persistent Surveillance System — Scalable integrated sensor solution to protect from perimeter breach
  • MicroGuide and Remote Secure Receiver — Ruggedized, secure handheld GPS

Introducing TruNet networked communications solution

In addition, Rockwell Collins is unveiling its TruNet™ - exportable, programmable, networked communications for enhanced situational awareness - for the first time at Defexpo. “TruNet helps forces stay connected and aware, no matter the mission, location or platform,” said Raina.

TruNet gives ground and airborne forces the power to network as never before, securely and in real time. Its groundbreaking capability enables seamless interoperability. TruNet enables the secure sharing of critical data, image, voice and video communications across all domains in the battlespace. Whether forces are operating alone or with joint or coalition elements, they can stay connected and aware, no matter their mission, location or platform.

True flexibility. TruNet’s Airborne, Ground and Handheld series software defined radios are small, light and powerful. And, TruNet enables developers to easily tailor the system — from a few handheld radios to a complete ground-air network — to meet customers’ mission needs.

TruNet’s robust and reliable radios feature multiple narrow and wideband waveforms and open architecture, as well as apps and ancillaries. This provides maximum flexibility, usability, easy integration with legacy waveforms and continuous readiness for cost-effective technology advancement.

True control. Rockwell Collins provides everything its customers need when it comes to waveforms within the TruNet solution. This includes: kits that enable programmers; assistance — as much or as little as is required; technology insertions; integration with third-party waveforms; and upgrade or maintenance of existing waveforms.

The TruNet operational difference

More nodes — Quadruple nodes up to 140+ per network, connecting all combat elements with high throughput and no increased latency.

Low latency — Less than 300 msec latency in a data multi-hop topology lets forces receive mission critical information sooner to make faster decisions in a quickly changing battlespace environment.

Multi-hop technology — Users can communicate beyond line of sight with TruNet’s auto-hopping networks and advanced IP waveforms.

More power — TruNet quadruples the output power for a longer reach. Forces can engage the network earlier, gaining early tactical situational awareness, increasing their survivability.

The TruNet radio family

Airborne Series software defined radio — Delivers critical, high-speed ad hoc networked communications between fast movers and mobile ground forces using the same basic waveforms and features of the Ground and Handheld Series software defined radio. The RT-2036(C) and AR-2000 are US versions; the AR-1500 and AR-2500 are international versions.

Ground Series software defined radio — Adaptable to offer stateside and/or country-unique capabilities while conforming to the latest software defined radio tenets and architectures. The GR-2500 is the international version.Handheld Series software defined radio — Tactical International Ground Radio (TIGR), fielded internationally by Thales Defense & Security Inc., supports narrowband and wideband waveforms for voice and data communications.

The TruNet solution features advanced networking waveforms, apps and ancillaries for full interoperability, along with the trusted global service you expect from Rockwell Collins.

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