ODU Connector Solutions – For most harsh environments

ODU connectors are ideally suited for mission critical military applications and their extreme environmental conditions

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Over the past two years there have been new product and application developments on the military market and just as many changes. However, manufacturers’ and users’ requirements and requests remained the same: weight reduction, robustness, ease of handling, and secure transmission of a high number of signals in the smallest available space. Designed especially for military and security technology, ODU AMC is an advanced and highly reliable connector solution with Push-Pull locking or Break-Away function. Rugged, watertight and easy to clean, these lightweight, non-reflective connector systems have excellent EMI shielding within a compact housing. Individual contact configurations are available in one integrated connector solution: signal, low/high voltage transmission, coax/triax. ODU’s premium connectors securely and reliably transmit data and signals, making them useful in a diverse array of applications for example in soldier modernization applications. The ODU AMC series include four different types of connector solutions: ODU AMC High-Density, ODU AMC Push-Pull, ODU AMC Break-Away and ODU AMC Easy-Clean.

Reliable functionality thanks to ODU-MAC

While the ODU AMC series is mainly used in soldier modernization applications, ODU offers a broad range of connector solutions. In radio and radar stations as well as transmission connectors in central electronic the ODU-MAC ensures reliable connections. The open modular connector system combines the versatility of a rectangular connector with customizable modules to create countless custom connector variations for diverse applications. Couple this with numerous housing options to create the perfect interface for transferring signal, power, high current, high voltage, coax, high-speed data transmission, fibre optic and other media such as air or fluid all in one easy to mate system. The ODU-MAC ensures reliable connections and is constantly updated with new features. Rapidly evolving technologies quickly outgrow off-the-shelf connector systems. This is why ODU offers services for developing custom connector solutions for specific military applications beside available standard solutions.

The ODU Company Group: Global representation with perfect connections

ODU is one of the world’s leading connector systems suppliers and employs about 1,650 people around the world. Aside from the company headquarters at Mühldorf am Inn, the ODU Group has also an international production and distribution network in Europe, North America and Asia. ODU combines all relevant areas of competence and key technologies relating to design and development, machine tool and special machine construction, injection, stamping, turning, surface technology, assembly and cable assembly. The ODU group sells its products around the world and has an international distribution network that includes eight sales companies in Denmark, England, France, Italy, Sweden, the USA, China and Japan, along with numerous worldwide sales partners. The ODU connectors ensure reliable transmission of power, signal, data and media in numerous demanding applications: medical technology, military and security, energy, industrial electronics, measurement and testing and automotive technology.


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