Colt, premium small arms leader

Show: Defexpo India - Day 2 By SP’s Correspondent
KAR 901-(R0923I)

Colt has always answered the challenges and needs of our customers with innovative, best value, equipment design solutions. As the premier small arms industry leader, Colt’s Manufacturing Company has provided elite military forces and law enforcement agencies throughout the world with one of the finest battlefield weapon systems ever designed, offering all echelons of warfighters increased capabilities.

Nothing exemplifies this more than our KAR 901 platform, which was developed in order to meet our customers’ needs, of a Modern AR style weapons platform that still allowed for use of existing stockpiles of 7.62 x 39mm ammunition, while offering the ability to modernise their armories through future upgrades. The KAR 901 features Ambidextrous Fire Controls and Monolithic Upper Receiver capable of being fired in semiautomatic and full-automatic, the KAR 901 also has the ability to receive new and legacy Colt 5.56 x 45mm NATO and .300 Blackout Upper Receivers on its stock lower receiver. Colt’s products continue to exemplify the terms modular, dependable, and innovative as we continue to manufacture weapon systems to meet the diversity of joint requirements in today’s multi-security threat level battlefields. Ensuring that the warfighter, lawman, and individual citizen the world over are well served. Built one at a time, proven every round.