Government-to-Government contracting meeting your requirements

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Thomas Dewolf, Director, Busines Development and Sales for Asia, Canadian Comercial Corporation

Governments around the world are taking advantage of simplified and timely defence acquisitions through the Government of Canada by working with the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC). Established in 1946, CCC is a governmentowned enterprise that undertakes sales of defence and security technology and expertise from Canada on a government-to-government basis. In 2014-15, CCC was active in 57 countries and contracted $1.26 billion in new orders.

“As the Government of Canada’s defence and security export sales organisation, CCC is committed to being a trusted partner for acquisitions from Canada on a government-to-government basis,” said Thomas DeWolf, Director, Business Development and Sales for Asia. “CCC understands the challenges government departments and ministries face when procuring equipment or services internationally and we can offer a customised approach to meet specific procurement needs.”


Purchasing governments benefit from CCC’s expedited acquisition process and access to any technology or expertise commercially available and approved for export from Canada. CCC also offers customised solutions to defence and security needs for non-standard requirements.


Purchasing governments benefit from a Government of Canada assurance that all contracts signed by CCC will be performed according to the agreed terms and conditions. CCC has a rigorous due diligence process for its Canadian suppliers and is committed to adhering to ethical business practices.


Purchasing governments benefit from reinforcement of political, economic and security relationship with the Government of Canada, including diplomatic and commercial support for the acquisition.

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