Colt offers innovative solutions

Show: Defexpo India - Day 1

Colt has always answered the challenges and needs of our customers with innovative, best value, equipment design solutions. As the premier small arms industry leader, Colt’s Manufacturing Company has provided elite military forces and law enforcement agencies throughout the world with one of the finest battlefield weapon systems ever designed.

Offering all echelons of warfighters increased capabilities exemplified by our CM902-CSS platform, which developed to meet the standards of the US Army’s 7.62 x 51mm Semi-Automatic Compact Sniper System (CSASS) Program. Featuring Ambidextrous Fire Controls and Monolithic Upper Receiver. When combined with Colt’s proprietary Conversion Kit, the CSASS is capable of receiving new and legacy Colt 5.56 x 45mm NATO, 7.62 x 3 9mm and .300 Blackout Upper Receivers on its stock Lower Receiver. Colt has also developed a fully automatic Service Rifle based upon the same platform, the CM902-16. This Rifle contains the same features that make the CSASS such a versatile weapon, with an added Dual Position Gas Block, allowing as the press of a button, to fire sonic and subsonic ammunition. Colt’s products continue to exemplify the terms modular, dependable, and innovative as we continue to manufacture weapon systems to meet the diversity of joint requirements in today’s multi-security threat level battlefields.