ATK to participate in executive trade mission to India

Show: Defexpo India 2012 - Day 1

At Defexpo 2012, ATK is there with a variety of capabilities and programmes. ATK is part of the US-India Business Council (USIBC) Executive Mission to India from March 26 to March 31, 2012. As a part of that trade mission, Karen Davies, ATK Senior Vice President and President of the company's Armament Systems group, participated in a panel discussion on the topic of return on investment in the Indian defence market on March 28. The panel featured representatives from India's Ministry of Defence and other defence industry executives.

Defexpo provides ATK an opportunity to highlight its growing capabilities in several business areas including integrated weapon systems, precision-guidance for artillery and mortars, advanced programmable artillery fuzing, ammunition and accessories for law enforcement and special operations forces, missile warning systems, small-calibre ammunition and illuminating flares.

ATK's stand is featuring information on the company's most powerful and flexible gun system, the Mk44 30mm cannon. This next-generation system is in production now and builds on the Bushmaster tradition of excellence with its design simplicity, external power, positive round control, ease of maintenance, and constant velocity ammunition feed. Visitors will also be able to learn more about the Mk44's airborne cousin, the Apache helicopter's 625 round-per-minute M230 30mm chain gun.

Visitors to the ATK stand will be able to learn about the company's affordable precision approach that combines GPS guidance and fuzing into one package, transforming conventional 155mm artillery projectiles and 120mm mortar cartridges into precision munitions. Another offering in this space is ATK's multi-option fuze for artillery (MOFA), the combat-proven, NATO standard, all purpose artillery fuze for bursting munitions.

ATK's stand will also feature the company's cutting-edge ammunition and accessory products for law enforcement and special operations forces. ATK brands in this category include Eagle Industries and Blackhawk tactical gear and apparel and Federal Premium and Speer ammunition. ATK ammunition offerings for these customers include long-range precision rifle; barrier-defeating; non-toxic; short-barrel carbine; and law enforcement highperformance handgun service ammunition.

ATK will also feature its AAR-47 aircraft missile warning system with available hostile fire indication (HFI), the first system of its type to detect small-calibre weapon fire and rocket propelled grenades. AAR-47 is installed on the recently-delivered C-130J aircraft to the Indian Air Force.

In addition, ATK will highlight its role as the leading supplier of US and NATO small- and medium-calibre ammunition, and as a source of non-NATO munitions to US and international security forces.

Another important ATK capability the company will be featuring at Defexpo, is its decades-long experience in building and continually updating illuminating flares. ATK's LUU flares are aircraft-deployed and provide illumination for battlefield operations, search and rescue, ground targeting and other missions.