Thales equipment for land, naval and air force

Show: Defexpo India 2012 - Day 1
Hand-held thermal imager

Thales is exhibiting a wide range of equipment for land, naval and air forces at Defexpo India, in various fields such as air defence, optronics and communications.

The group will demonstrate its capabilities in the field of global air defence solutions, force protection, missile systems and rocket systems by showcasing Shikra 60: the tactical C2 to ensure a complete airspace surveillance of up to a range of 80 km and heterogeneous weapon systems coordination; ADES: the ultimate all-in-one mobile short-range air defence system; gun system: the latest generation air defence gun to defeat emerging low-cost targets; SAMP/T: the European, in-service, medium-range air and missile defence solution; LMM: the new family of lightweight multi-role missiles; laser guided rocket in 70mm calibre.

Thales develops a comprehensive range of optronic equipment aimed at evaluating critical situations at a tactical and strategic level. Thales is the European leader in night vision systems, whose equipment are used by tactical units, Special Forces and aircraft and helicopter pilots. The company will exhibit the Catherine XP, a compact highperformance thermal imager Sophie XF, a multifunction hand-held thermal imager with continuous optical zoom; Helie, helicopter light intensified equipment; Damocles, a third generation multifunction targeting pod. Thales will be located at French Pavilion, Stand 12.2L.