MS Instruments' Flight Follower updated

Show: Defexpo India 2012 - Day 1

MS Instruments PLC has recently made a revolutionary update to its highly successful Flight Follower system. Flight Follower has been developed to meet the high speed imaging needs of modern ammunition designers and manufacturers and films a projectile in flight. The Flight Follower can now be specified with a fully motorised and remote controlled head unit. This enables the user to adjust the position of the head unit in three dimensions during the trial, without the need to return to the Flight Follower once it is in position.

The user-friendly control software allows complex 3-D adjustments to be made easily. A video of the new design, and videos produced by the Flight Follower are available at:

MS Instruments is a worldwide provider of highly accurate ballistic measurement instrumentation and live-fire training systems. The company's automatic training systems are in service with police, security and armed forces worldwide, and its air-to-ground strafing and bomb scoring systems are in-service with the Royal Air Force. At Defexpo, MS Instruments will be located at Stand 11-14K.