‘Rafael will feature for the first time the Spike SR short-range missile’

Major General (Retd) Ilan Biran, Chairman, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

Show: Defexpo India 2012 - Day 1

For over 63 years, Rafael has been developing, manufacturing and marketing a wide array of state-of-the-art military systems for air, space, sea and land applications.

Rafael is a centre of excellence and a national laboratory, combining vast capabilities and investment in research and development (R&D), made possible by highly trained professionals, which has allowed it to offer ground-breaking technologies to its customers and partners. Most of these systems have already been combat proven. As recently as a few weeks ago, Rafael’s Iron Dome withstood the complicated battle test when it successfully intercepted over 50 short-range rockets that were fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip. Rafael’s armour vehicle Trophy System, currently mounted on Israel’s Merkava-4 MBT’s, for active defence against rockets, also became combat proven in April 2011.

India is a strategic partner for Rafael, with many areas of joint cooperation, and as such, has sold many of Rafael’s cutting edge systems for air, naval and land applications. Rafael produces families of multi-purpose systems, which “speak the same language”. One such family is “Spike”, a family of tactical electro-optical missiles for ranges of 0.5-25 km for land, sea and air applications, with “fire-and-forget” and mid-course navigation capabilities, enabling abortion of mission to prevent collateral damage and civilian casualties. The Spike is already in use by many militaries around the world.

At Defexpo, Rafael will feature for the first time the Spike SR short-range missile. Another such family is the Spyder System, bringing together Rafael’s Python-5 and Derby Air Defence missiles, electro-optical pod such as the Reccelite and Litening and many others.

Rafael is a team-player, having established numerous fields of cooperation with partners in Israel and around the world, both with governments and with defence industries.

Rafael’s experience in sharing its know-how and local production, and in building cooperation agreements grants its partners and customers an added technological and operation value.

Rafael is continuously working to expand its activities in India in different fields with companies such as BEL, BDL and Mahindra.

We are also working to widen our activities with DRDO and its Director to bring more of our advanced technologies and systems to India.

It should be noted that Rafael’s activities are not limited solely to military applications, but also include solutions for other requirements such as border control, security integrated systems (SIS), and paramilitary forces.

Rafael’s display will include the following:

  • Spyder and Iron Dome air defence systems with Rafael’s MICAD is an advanced unified integrated C4I system that commands and controls operations of air defence, missile defence, and air superiority missions- conservatively handled as three different domains. The system provides end-to-end solution for multi-mission, multi-layer, and multi-range air and missile threats.
  • The Spike Family combined with remote weapon stations (land and naval).
  • Protector USV, an unmanned naval patrol vehicle carrying a powerful engine, an electro-optical pod, Mini-Typhoon, a stabilised remote weapon station, PA system and other capabilities that enable it to perform its required remote life-saving operations.

Torbuster: Hard kill torpedo defence countermeasure for defence against a variety of acoustic homing torpedoes launched from ships and helicopters.

ImiLite-multi-source, multi-task imagery exploitation system that receives, exploits and processes multiple imagery and data in a unified manner.



Tactical broadband network for ground forces (TACMAX) family of base stations, repeater stations and mobile stations are capable of delivering high quality video streaming and multimedia, data and voice (triple play) services for military applications. The TACMAX implements MIMO spatial processing intimately integrated with a WiMAX baseband solution allowing mitigating intentional interference effects by developing a smart antenna MIMO technique

BNET: Broadband mobile ad hoc network (MANET) IP software defined radio. BNET is an advanced IP MANET software defined radio (SDR) for tactical operations. With unique high spectrum efficiency, as well as cognitive capabilities, the BNET offers exceptional connectivity, enhancing the exchange of information on the battlefield.