‘Punj Lloyd is excellently placed to cater to the Indian defence requirements and be a partner of choice for global OEMs’

R.K. Sharma, President Defence, Punj Lloyd Group

Show: Defexpo India 2012 - Day 1

SP’s ShowNews (SP’s): What are Punj Lloyd’s plans for defence?

R.K. Sharma (Sharma): Defence is going to be a key area of growth for Punj Lloyd and we aim to be a major player in this sector. We have made an assessment of the Indian defence requirements and accordingly made strategic investments which are ideally suited to address them.

SP’s: Please tell us about the investments that Punj Lloyd has made in defence?

Sharma: We have set up a world-class manufacturing facility to manufacture products as per the requirements of the Indian defence forces. This will be achieved in collaboration with our technology partners. Additionally, we would be in a position to offer cost-effective solutions to the global defence original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well.

SP’s: How do you plan to support the offsets requirements of defence OEMs?

Sharma: A successful offset programme should be a by-product of an industrial cooperation which makes a good business sense on its own.

While setting up our manufacturing facility at Malanpur, we have kept our global clients in mind. The facility exceeds the specifications required to meet defence industry norms. Consequently, we are hoping to be a partner of choice for global OEMs. This cooperation is also expected to meet offsets commitments of our global partners.

Artillery Systems

SP’s: Please tell us about some of the programmes that Punj Lloyd is currently pursuing in defence?

Sharma: We submitted our first bid as prime contractor for upgrade of Zu 23 2B air defence guns last year and are ready to field the gun for NCNC trials with the Indian Army. We have also submitted detailed project proposal to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for upgrade of 130mm artillery guns and are awaiting the request for proposal (RFP).

Additionally, we have established technology partnerships with global defence OEMs to meet anticipated future requirements.

SP’s: Where do you see Punj Lloyd five-ten years from now?

Sharma: We are confident that we will be one of the major players in the Indian defence industry in the years to come.