Carl-Gustaf - Legendary Multi-Role Weapon System for Modern Battlefield

SP's ShowNews - Aero India 2021 - Day 3

Built on over 70 years of heritage and technological development, Saab’s Carl-Gustaf system remains an unparalleled and supremely successful solution to the challenges faced by ground forces. By supporting a wide range of ammunition, Carl-Gustaf allows dismounted soldiers to deal with multiple challenges on the modern battlefield.

Since it was introduced in 1948, the Carl-Gustaf multi-role weapon has been supporting dismounted infantry around the world. The wide range of ammunition types makes it a truly multi-role weapon system that allows the user to take on a wide range of operations on the battlefield - from neutralising armoured tanks or enemy troops in defilade to clearing obstacles and engaging enemies in buildings.

According to Ola Rignell, Saab India Chairman and Managing Director, “Flexibility is a key characteristic of successful modern infantry forces. A global shift is taking place towards asymmetric and intra-state warfare, and troops are much more likely to be deployed in urban or complex combat environments. This could be for full-scale conflict, or for anti-insurgency or peacekeeping operations. In situations like this, it’s both strategically and logistically unfeasible to rely upon heavy support. The key motive for infantry is to be able to quickly and efficiently respond to any threats they encounter.


FFV Ordnance, which is a part of Saab, has been the world’s leading suppliers of man-portable support weapons for decades. The shoulder-fired weapon system Carl-Gustaf is the flagship of FFV Ordnance’s product family. The system has a long and successful history and is in use in more than 40 countries including India, where Saab has been a trusted supplier to the Indian Armed Forces since the 1970s. Currently, the Indian Armed Forces, operating several version of the Carl-Gustaf, are one of the biggest and most experienced users of the Carl-Gustaf weapon system.

Carl-Gustaf M4 is the latest version and comes with many improvements and innovations, such as a significantly lower weigh of just seven kilos, an integrated shot counter and compatibility with future innovations such as advanced fire control devices and programmable ammunition.

Since its release in 2014, around ten customers have acquired the latest system, including the Australian Army, Swedish Armed Forces, Norwegian Armed Forces and US Army. With all the successes in the history of the Carl-Gustaf system and its latest version there is no indication that it is about to stop or even slow down. Customers that uses old versions of the system are now looking into an upgrade to the latest version. With the future in mind when designing Carl-Gustaf M4, the weapon will adapt for future needs and operations. Currently, new ammunition is being developed, for example a programmable high-explosive grenade and a guided Carl-Gustaf munition, that Saab together with Raytheon will demonstrate for the US Army.