Gulfstream G650ER: High Performance Jet

Show: Wings India 2018 - Day 1 By Arpita Kala

The popularity of the ER aka Extended Range version of Gulfstream's flagship G650 is evident from its customer waiting list that stretches into 2018 and the mini-furore caused at whichever aviation show it happens to be exhibited at. While present owners of the G650 can upgrade to the G650ER at a cost of about $2 million, the latter is said to be priced around the $60-70 million ballpark.

Certified in 2014, the G650ER is touted as industry's highest performance long-range business aircraft to fly 7,500 nautical miles/13,890 km at Mach 0.85 and can seat an entire cricket team plus seven more. At its maximum takeoff weight, it can climb to 41,000 ft in just 22 minutes, surpassing bad weather and crowded commercial jet routes. Not only speed, the jet's cabin merges aesthetics with functionality with a feature to replenish the cabin's air every two minutes to produce cabin pressure closer to the air at sea level than any jet in its class. In a nutshell, being in a G650ER cabin is like breathing air at 4,000 ft helping to keep your blood oxygenated and reduce fatigue.

Not entirely an open cabin concept, the G650ER smart, ultra long cabin has four versatile living areas that allow for seamless transitions between work, entertainment and rest. Apart from the wide handcrafted seats, diwans and generous aisle spaces, the Gulfstream Cabin Management System lets passengers control temperature, lighting, window shades and entertainment devices with Apple iOS or Android smartphones and tablets. The company website says 'the sense of spaciousness is further enhanced by 16 Gulfstream panoramic windows, the largest in the industry, that stream sunlight into the cabin and galley.'