Goa Shipyard - Redefining excellence

Show: Defexpo India 2018 - Day 3 By SP’s Correspondent

Goa Shipyard Limited (GSL) has positioned itself as a fastest growing shipbuilder on the west coast of India, capable of designing and building high technology and sophisticated ships. With an unmatchable track record of timely execution and delivery at ‘fixed cost’ of over 200 ships and more than 160 fast interceptor boats, GSL stands as the success story of the changing face of Indian defence shipyards. Equipped with an in-house design capability and most modern facilities, GSL has excelled in its core competence area of building a wide range of patrol vessels, missile boats, landing crafts, training vessels, survey vessels, sail training ships, fast patrol vessels and yardscrafts for the defence sector, besides other types of vessels in the commercial sector. GSL has capability to design and build ships to customer’s requirements and its inhouse R&D unit is recognised by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.

The last four years have seen transformational performance by shipyard in all quarters. The Shipyard established unique benchmark in Indian Shipbuilding by delivering over 23 ships, all ahead of schedule, amounting to Gross tonnage of 32,000 tonnes (12,000 tonnes in FY 17-18), highest in the industry.

The shipyard has recently completed Coast Guard Advanced Offshore Patrol Vessel Project (AOPV) involving six ships, with delivery of the last vessel in November 2017. Based on the superior operational performance of these vessels and reduced ‘build periods’ achieved by the shipyard, Coast Guard has placed order for construction of additional five OPVs, work for which commenced in March 17 with delivery scheduled in 2020-21.

The shipyard, with its excellent track record has made significant inroads into global market with export of diverse vessels to Indian Ocean region (IOR) countries. Shipyard’s share of exports have been increasing year after year and in the last three years alone it has delivered two OPV to Sri Lanka, 11 FIBs and two FPVs to Mauritius, and a damage control simulator to Myanmar. These projects again were delivered ahead of schedule and superior build quality led to accolades at the highest levels.

Riding on the success wave, GSL has a promising future as it is scheduled to execute highly challenging state of the art Projects for 12 Mine Counter Measure Vessels (MCMVs) and two advanced missile frigates for Indian Navy. For construction MCMVs, majority of infrastructure, expertise and planning has been put into place so as to start construction by 2019/20. The requisite infrastructure is almost complete with balance 15 per cent to 20 per cent likely to complete by 2019-20. Post completion of MCMV infrastructure, GSL would be the only Shipyard in India to be armed with specialised construction technology of GRP composite hull for MCMVs.

With regards to advanced missile frigates 1135.6, the first two ships of the class will be constructed at Russia and the next two will be constructed at GSL under ToT. The PNC for the project is in advanced stage of conclusion and preparatory activities are in full swing to commence construction by 2020/21. This Project will aid in consolidating GSL’s position in construction of large weapon intensive platforms.

Constantly building and consolidating its experience gained over half a century and reputation for excellence and consistent track record of timely deliveries, GSL today, confidently looks ahead to successfully meet the challenges of the future requirement of our forces indigenously.