AMPL — High Volume Production of RF & Digital Subsystems

Show: Aero India 2017 - Day 3

A Astra Microwave Products Ltd (AMPL) believes that a good manufacturing facility is critical to bring out highly reliable products, which is why AMPL has ensured that every equipment used in their production line meets the most demanding global standards of precision and performance.This in turn ensures the matchless quality of every product that leaves the premises.

AMPL has already made huge investment on infrastructure, facilities and trained manpower for mass manufacturing of RF & microwave components, Super components and subsystems, for both the Indian market as well as for the Export market.

These mass manufacturing facilities of 3,00,000 sq.ft.are under temperature controlled, clean room and static protection environment. The process equipment include state of art surface mount technology (SMT) based automated electronic mass manufacturing lines.

Special Test facilities

Test and measurement is the foundation on which all successful designs are built.The exhaustive test facility includes, RF & digital test equipment for testing at component, subsystem levels as well as during the bulk manufacturing. Automated test equipment for testing of very large numbers of transmit/receive modules for both domestic market and export market has also been created. Military and space qualification is another major requirement met with the facilities like the environmental tests, HAL/HAS and the EMI/EMC facility. This combined with high end facilities that includes hermetic and laser sealing equipment combined with gross and fine leak testing ensures that products meet stringent requirements of hermeticity. The company is also investing to build a near field test range for calibration and collimation of active phased array radars, which is expected to be operational soon.